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Most valuable CS:GO players 2021

Name Team Country Market Value
flashie CLG Red Hungary € 0k
Inzta Without Team Denmark € 0k
strux1 Without Team Germany € 0k
Karsa TSG China € 0k
uNdo VRTX Belarus € 0k
kzy Cowana Germany € 0k
vSa Without Team Canada € 0k
Fifflaren Without Team Sweden € 0k
SileNt Without Team United States € 0k
stavros Without Team Germany € 0k
tonyblack Without Team Russia € 0k
Noisia Without Team Australia € 0k
arch Without Team Ukraine € 0k
LOMME Without Team Denmark € 0k
Ex6TenZ Without Team Belgium € 0k
ub1que Without Team Russia € 0k
repo PGE Turow Poland € 0k
forget Without Team China € 0k
hutji Without Team Russia € 0k
Twixie KOVA Finland € 0k
ncl Mazaalai Mongolia € 0k
TuGuX BIG Academy Germany € 0k
arki SAW Spain € 0k
SkulL Bizarre Australia € 0k
hitMouse Zorka Belarus € 0k
nak Without Team Brazil € 0k
Xp3 Without Team France € 0k
Luz StylDunow Poland € 0k
pNshr SKADE Bulgaria € 0k
Zeus Without Team Ukraine € 0k

How do we choose our player ranking?

Our ranking is largely based on the official statistics from hltv.org.

We try to update our players as soon as possible so that we can always keep our market value estimates up to date.

How do we calculate the market values?

Our market values are mainly based on the recent statistics from each player and his performance. We also keep in mind that some players have a broad social media presence and a big community, who will follow them everywhere.

The earnings some players achieved in their careers also have a weight in our calculations so we try to hold them up to date. If you see some things, that are clearly not correct or you have a strong assumption that we are wrong, tell us in the comments or write us a mail.