Kaike Cerato
€ 948k Last update: 01/02/22
22 years old
Kaike Cerato also called "KSCERATO", 22 years old, is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Brazil. "KSCERATO" is currently playing for FURIA. His market value is estimated at € 948k.
Transfer History
Date Team Market Value Fee
Feb 2018 FURIA
Total Stats
Role Rifler
Total Kills 14050
Total Deaths 10927
K/D 1.29
Headshot % 50.1
Rounds Played 19030
Kills / Round 0.74
Damage / Round 79.1
Assist / Round 0
Favorite weapon ak47

Market Value History

Comparable players

€ 5.00m
Country: Ukraine
Age: 24
€ 949k
Team: Eternal Fire
Country: Turkey
Age: 26


K/D: Kill Death Ratio HSR: Headshot Rate KPR: Kills per Round DPR: Damage per Round

Overview: "KSCERATO" in detail

KSCERATO is one of the best players you can find in CSGO. With his K/D Ratio of 1.29 he belongs to the peak performers of Counter Strike. Until now he hasn't won any titles in his career. But with his age of 22 he has enough time to win a few trophies.

Right now he is playing for FURIA. His favorite weapon is the ak47 which makes him perfectly suited for the role as Rifler.