Natus Vincere

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€ 7.90m
Last update: 28/01/22
Natus Vincere is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. Their market value is estimated at € 7.90m.
Name Country Role Market Value
s1mple Ukraine AWPer € 5.00m
electronic Russia Rifler € 849k
Boombl4 Russia Rifler € 800k
Perfecto Russia Rifler € 749k
b1t Ukraine Rifler € 500k
Total Stats
Average market value € 1.58m
Average kills 12612.00
Average deaths 10623.40
Average K/D 1.12
Average headshot % 35.94

History of Natus Vincere in Counter-Strike eSports

CS: GO has a strong history as an eSports title and in witnessing the development of a great eSports organization known as NAVI. NAVI is a short correspondence to Natus Vincere, which is Latin for "Born to conquer." These people started out as a team in the year 2009 from Ukraine and since then have been battling it out in various competitions concerning other eSports titles such as FIFA, Dota 2, and obvious enough, CS: GO.

A brief history

When NAVI started out back in the day with CS: GO, it became the ultimate champion to win three different premier tournaments dating back to 2010. Pulling up the CS: GO rankings from around then, NAVI was ranked the 2nd best team among various other eSports teams concerning CS: GO, but their ranking has dropped significantly since then. 

The rise to glory again started when in the year 2015, they became the ultimate champion in the Intel Extreme Masters X, an eSports event that was conducted in San Jose, and they defeated TSM to claim this big title. 

NAVI around 2016

The next year was also an absolute success for the eSports team as they won the DreamHack open Leipzig 2016 by defeating the Luminosity Gaming around in the final round. Luminous gaming is not an easy contender to go around, and it was an incredible achievement for NAVI in 2016. After about three months, NAVI participated in MLG's major championship: Columbus. Clearing every other opponent proved to be a cakewalk who tried to stopped them and ultimately ended up in finals but call it a twist of fate they lost from the same contender they conquered three months back; Luminosity Gaming.

October of 2016, NAVI claimed 1st prize for ESL one: New York by defeating the Virtus. Pro in the final round. 

NAVI in 2017

2017 proved a little high and dry for NAVI as they weren’t able to cease any noticeable prizes and performance peaks to them. But it did serve as an inspiration to do better and come back strong for the following years.

NAVI in 2018

NAVI was back in action in 2018, and some of the notable wins include winning the CS: GO i-League 5th season by defeating NRG and claiming first place in StarSeries. After some time, they claimed dominance once again in the Asian championship tournament for CS: GO by defeating Virtus. Pro once again, and that is two in a row for some spectacular championships and tournaments. 

The winning steak didn't end for NAVI that year as they continued smashing through and scored the top position once again in the ESL One: Cologne 2018, where they defeated BIG in the final round and claimed victory to their name.

Astralis beating NAVI

There was only one team who managed to beat NAVI, and it was Astralis; the event went down in FACEIT Major: London Finals, where Astralis took down NAVI, and NAVI had to return home with 2nd place to their name. This was the only mishap NAVI ran into back in 2018.

This didn't even come close to shattering the confidence of NAVI team members as they retreated strongly after that event and won the BLAST PRO series: Copenhagen coming face to face with NiP in the final round and emerging victorious out of it. 

NAVI in 2019

2019 was not as charismatic and active for NAVI as most of the time was spent training and planning for the future, so the only heroic statement we got to see from NAVI in 2019 was winning the StarSeries along with i-League CS: GO  Season 7, where they knocked out Fnatic in the final round and claimed the first prize. 

NAVI future planning and vision

NAVI is a strong competitor for sure, and the resilience and perseverance each and every member of the team brings to the table speaks for their strong morale and grit. In 2020 they managed to win the IEM Katowice by finishing off strongly and dominating the competition entirely. 

The success of NAVI speaks for itself, and it is clear from all these milestones mentioned in front of you that NAVI still has the passion and strong will to tackle even the strongest of the eSports competition and rising high to the challenges the world of eSports has to offer.