Dmitry Sokolov
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€ 1.40m Last update: 11/05/22
20 years old
Dmitry Sokolov also called "sh1ro", 20 years old, is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Russia. "sh1ro" is currently playing for Cloud9. His market value is estimated at € 1.40m.
Transfer History
Date Team Market Value Fee
Apr 2019 Gambit Youngsters
Sep 2018 - Sep 2018 Vyalie Pitoni
Total Stats
Role AWPer
Total Kills 13419
Total Deaths 9311
K/D 1.44
Headshot % 28.2
Rounds Played 17351
Kills / Round 0.77
Damage / Round 79.5
Assist / Round 0
Favorite weapon awp

Market Value History

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K/D: Kill Death Ratio HSR: Headshot Rate KPR: Kills per Round DPR: Damage per Round

Overview: "sh1ro" in detail

About the player

Dmitry Sokolov is a professional CS: GO player also known as sh1ro. Dmitry Sokolov was born on 15 July 2001. Sh1ro is from Russia and a total of 57 players from Russia represent their country in CS: GO. Despite his young age sh1ro is lucky enough that he made this far and won multiple CS: GO titles. Currently, Dmitry Sokolov is representing the Gambit Youngsters team in CS: GO.

Team Gambit and Personal Achievements

Dmitry Sokolov (sh1ro) becomes the best player in the IEM Katowice 2021 tournament and this is the first award of his career. In the tournament, the Gambit team played 17 maps and sh1ro had an individual rating of 1.85 against heroic in the Mirage map. 
According to the statistics, Dmitry Sokolov won 19 clutches in this tournament and according to other statistics in this tournament; he won 90% of the clutches which he encountered.

Sh1ro has an average of 28 deaths and 43 kills in the last 3 matches of the IEM Katowice 2021 tournament. His performance was remarkable, in his last match he scored 59 kills with following 22 assists and 39 deaths.
Team Gambit won the IEM Katowice 2021 championship while defeating Virtus Pro in the finals from (3:1). And the Dmitry Sokolov team Gambit won the price money of $ 400 thousand.  

Dmitry Sokolov (Sh1ro) Earnings Statistics 

Right now, Dmitry Sokolov (Sh1ro) is ranked on 873rd place in the highest earnings list and ranked in 25th place in the highest earnings lists of players from Russia.
Sh1ro has played a total of 34 tournaments till now and the highest cash price which he had won was $80, 0000 in the recently played tournament IEM Katowice 2021 championship on 28 February.
Fan Factor
Dmitry Sokolov (sh1ro) is a new player and his fan base is increasing day by day. We cannot say that he is the most popular player but he has a fair fan base. Moreover, people are also discussing if he could be the next S1mple.