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Most valuable Players:
Name MV
s1mple € 5.00m
NiKo € 3.00m
Stewie2K € 2.00m
ZywOo € 1.90m
Most valuable Teams:
Name MV
Natus Vincere € 7.90m
G2 € 5.53m
Virtus.pro € 2.68m
Vitality € 4.77m
Transfer Records:
Name Fee
woxic € 1.15m
NiKo € 500k
Snax (retired) € 290k
REZ € 200k

What is ES ValueWatch?

“ESVW” is a Counter Strike: Global Offensive Platform, which estimates market values of professional CSGO players. This is done by analyzing different statistics and calculating what other teams would be willing to pay for fees or salaries. In our market value calculations we include many parameters as leadership, social media presence and most important match performance.

CS:GO Transfermarket, News & more

Our mission is to inform you about fixed player transfers, rumours and more. For this we publish the latest news about the world of esports and Counter Strike. In the future we will also implement given probabilities about the departure of player, who will join another roster. Right now our resources arent capable of that, but soon we will be ready for this as well.

The latest statistics & other facts

You always wanted to know who is the most expensive csgo player? Or you want to know how much s1mple is worth?
We’ll tell you in our player overview.
Also we present you highly actual stats and facts about every important player on the planet. Our statistics arent only focussed about the players but about teams and countries too. So you always wanted to know the countries with the most active CSGO players?
Then check out our country overview.

What will come?

As mentioned above we will extend our rumours department, as well as including current, past and future matches with competing players.
Furthermore we look to implement more stats and infos to expand our analysis for the market values and to be most transparent for you to comprehend our calculations.

FAQ - and infos you want to know

Who is the most expensive csgo player?

Right now the most expensive CS:GO player is S1mple.
With a market value of over 2 million S1mple is right now the most expensive player in CS:GO.

Which was the most expensive transfer?

Transfers are very hard to track and most teams are very secret how much they paid for players.
But right now we would say that Woxic was the most expensive transfer. His transfer costed Cloud9 approximately 1.15m €.