CSGO Market Values
Every player has a value...

Latest Buyouts:
dev1ce MV Fee
€ 545k -
Astralis to NiP
woxic MV Fee
€ 525k € 1.15m
mousesports to Cloud9
Most valuable Players:
Name MV
s1mple € 2.10m
ZywOo € 2.00m
sh1ro € 1.40m
blameF € 951k
Most valuable Teams:
Name MV
Natus Vincere € 5.21m
G2 € 5.13m
OG € 4.88m
FaZe € 4.67m
Transfer Records:
Name Fee
woxic € 1.15m
NiKo € 500k
Snax (retired) € 290k
REZ € 200k

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What is ES ValueWatch?

“ESVW” is a Counter Strike: Global Offensive Platform, which estimates market values of professional CSGO players. This is done by analyzing different statistics and calculating what other teams would be willing to pay for fees or salaries.

For a better overview, we also present statistics and market values for the top csgo teams and countries where the best players come from.

Also our news team tries the best to gain the newest informations of the csgo transfermarket and keep you updated about the always rotating rosters of the scene.

In the future we are aiming also for other professional E-Sport games, but for the near future we are focusing on CSGO players and their market values.