€ 108k
Last update: 06/05/2021
Abdul Gasanov also called "degster", 19 years of age, is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Russia Russia, currently playing for Spirit. His market value is estimated at € 108k.
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Total Stats
Role AWPer
Total Kills 9.025
Total Deaths 6.913
K/D 1.31
Headshot % 35.3
Rounds Played 11.327
Kills / Round 0.8
Damage / Round 80.8
Assist / Round 0.1
Favorite weapon awp

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€ 110k
Country: Bulgaria Icon Bulgaria
Age: 20 Years


K/D: Kill Death Ratio HSR: Headshot Rate KPR: Kills per Round DPR: Damage per Round
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Overview: "degster" in detail

Abdul Gasanov is one of the best players you can find in CSGO. With his K/D Ratio of 1.31 he belongs to the peak performers of Counter Strike. Until now he hasn't won any titles in his career. But with his age of 19 he has enough time to win a few trophies.
With his 9025 kills "degster" is a experienced player, but doesn't belong to the top of kill counts.

Right now he is playing for Spirit, where he fills out the role as "AWPer" , while gaining 0.8 kills per round.

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