Published on: 09/08/2021

The rumor mill had been simmering for some time, but nobody could say for sure whether XANTARES ’days in Berlin were actually numbered. A month ago, BIG manager Christian Lenz denied upcoming changes, but on the night of August 31st it got exciting. XANTARES posted “Statement Tomorrow” on Twitter.

The next day came the promised statement by the Turkish audience favorite. “I've decided to take a new path for myself and my career. That's why I won't play for BIG again next season. " They seem to be parting on good terms, after all, Dörtkardeş remembers the last two and a half years in Berlin positively: “In addition to the good time at BIG, I was also able to fulfill my dream of being number 1 in the team rankings and the best team in the world. I made very good friendships and had wonderful moments that I fondly look back on. " At the end of his message, the outgoing player thanks BIG, who, as always, supported him in his decision.

Special thanks

In another Twitlonger, XANTARES also thanks BIG co-founder Yilmaz Ozan and his wife Nuran, who made it easier for him to settle in and make his time in Germany easier. In it he writes about the concerns he originally had about moving to a country whose language he does not speak. He owes it to both of you not to have fallen into loneliness and sadness and emphasizes that this priceless support is something that is rarely found in eSport. "My thanks go to all BIG fans, all those responsible and especially Nuran and Yilmaz, who hold a special place for me."

How things will go on for XANTARES is still open, but the rumor mill is known to never stay cold. There is talk of a Turkish super team that the former Cloud9 player Özgür “woxic” Eker wants to build up and could be the next station for Dörtkardeş.

© Image: BIG