M0nesy: "Im ready for Tier 1"

M0nesy to G2?

M0nesy to G2?
Published on: 29/11/2021

M0nesy is probably the most hotly watched talent in Counter-Strike right now. The current 16-year-old brings incredible numbers with him. He is currently under contract with Navi Junior and proves himself there regularly. Overall with a 1.34 rating, which is looking for its equal. His talent can also be clearly seen in the FPL. Rumor has it that G2 is interested in signing him. 

The question is whether Navi wants to let the next S1mple from his own organization go. Relating to how his contract situation is. It is conceivable that the transfer fee for a 16-year-old breaks records. Without ever having played Tier 1, his Twitch channel is followed by an incredible 392,000 people.

He claims that he is absolutely ready for Tier 1. 

We are all very excited! 

 ©Image: Twitter Ilya Osipov