Lucky joins Astralis - new AWPer from "Tricked Esports"

Lucky joins Astralis - new AWPer from "Tricked Esports"
Published on: 19/01/22

After dev1ce left, the Danish Counterstrike flagship had to upgrade. Astralis found what they were looking for at Tricked Esport.

The change from Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz to the ninjas in pajamas hit the organization and the fans of Astralis hard. After more than five years and countless successes, the Dane wanted to dedicate himself to a new challenge.

Astralis signs Lucky

This was accompanied by a gap in the line-up of the team that had recently stumbled. Astralis has now used Tricked Esport. With Philip "Lucky" Ewald, the self-proclaimed talent factory has developed a talented AWPer who has recommended himself for larger tasks in a series of C-tier events.

“At Astralis, we shape the future. We are constantly working on developing players and teams - with the aim of constant progress. Part of this strategy is to include a young, energetic and technically extremely strong player like Philip in the roster ”, says Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports at Astralis in an official statement.

Lucky himself adds: “I really enjoyed my time at Tricked and I am very grateful to them. When Astralis knocks everything changes. They are, without a doubt, one of the most professional organizations and I feel very welcome and part of the family. "

“I know some will compare me to dev1ce, but no one can do what they do. I hope I can show who I am. And I'll work hard to contribute something to the team in my own way. ”, Philip“ Lucky ”Ewald emphasizes.

Image: © Astralis