Doto dismissed by ENCE

Doto dismissed by ENCE
Published on: 03/02/22

Doto leaves the organisation just a few weeks after being replaced by Pavle Maden Bošković. Ence announced that the Finn had been released from his contract. Doto has not played since January, having been replaced by Montenegro-born Maden. The latter previously played for FunPlus Phoenix. This continues the orientation of the organisation, as they now have a more international outlook and move further away from the Finnish core. In 2021, the organisation regained lost ground as they spent most of their time in the Top 20. In early November, they reached seventh place in the rankings after finishing second at IEM Fall Europe, which helped them qualify for PGL Major Stockholm, where they then reached the Legends stage.

Despite the promising signs, the organisation decided that a change needed to be made in order to compete "against the best teams" and Doto was put on the hit list to make way for Maden.

Doto now on the transfermarket

The 25-year-old Finn is now free agent and is looking for a new team.

"I am not looking for anything in particular. Of course it would be nice to join an existing project so I don't have to start from the bottom again, but I don't mind if I see potential in it. My ambitions for the future are to continue to improve as an individual and reach new heights with whatever team," doto told

"I have never been a selfish player when it comes to playing certain roles, so I am willing to sacrifice for the greater good if I see fit. That said, I do have some preferences for my role, such as not having too static a role and being able to move and react to situations myself. I'm also open to joining a Finnish or international team, although unfortunately there aren't that many opportunities in Finland."