Coldzera shortly before moving to Complexity

Coldzera shortly before moving to Complexity
Published on: 07/09/2021

The brazilian player is reportedly leaving Faze and is set with Complexity. He is going to replace Kristian "⁠k0nfig⁠" Wienecke who is still recovering and will remain in forseeable future.

At Complexity, the 26-year-old is getting active again after sitting on the sidelines for the past three months. Coldzera will reportedly join the roster after Complexity ends their campaign in the ESL Pro League Season 14 playoffs, which they'll be attending with Niels Christian "⁠NaToSaphiX⁠" Sillassen.

It is unclear how long Coldzera will stay on the team as it will likely depend on k0nfig's recovery. The Dane recently released an update stating that the cast on his hand will be removed on September 15, after which he will undergo rehabilitation.

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