Apeks signs Nasty for the rest of the year

Apeks signs Nasty for the rest of the year
Published on: 15/09/2020


Apeks give Nasty a chance for the rest of the year to make the cut for the 2021 lineup.

Apeks have announced that they have completed the signing of Martin "⁠Nasty⁠" Garvik from fellow Norwegian organisation 777 Esports. The newcomer will try out for the team until the rest of the year, filling the vacant spot following the benching of Kristian "⁠akez⁠" Kornbakk after a string of unsatisfactory results.

The buyout was for a small symbolic sum to professionalize the esports scene in the scandinavian country.

The newcomer admits that joining the highest-ranked Norwegian squad is a golden opportunity for him to show what he is capable of: "Being a fulltime CS:GO player is a completely new thing to me, and I've got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it".